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Circle Pine Farm -Beginnings
           I married young and my husband, Bill, was in the Air Force. He was a computer tech and our family spent 20 years moving from place to place. When we neared retirement we began looking for some property near our families in Michigan. We found 40 acres in Sheridan and started by finishing the pole barn already there to store things and camp in while we built the house.

Two years before we retired Bill gave me the best present I ever recieved - A bridle, halter, curry comb, lead rope and an I.O.U. for a horse. That was the true beginning of Circle Pine Computers, my husband's business and Circle Pine Horse Training, my lifestyle. Now we had to wait some more to make it a reality!

Finally his 20 years were in and we retired from active duty. We had worked on the house 5 years during the summers and that year we lived half in the pole barn and half with family while we finished our home.

Even before we completed the house Bill made good his I.O.U. and there was a horse in the barn. The day I brought Sunae (Sa-nay) home I cried all the way down the drive as I walked her in. My dream was coming true. I had a horse all my own.

BUT, once again, reality intruded on my dream. Sunae was bought at an auction by a first time horse buyer with no one to advise her. (That would be me. ) The people who sold her, horse dealers, did not tell me that she threw her self over backwards when you tightened the cinch strap or that she broke lead ropes and halters. This is when I became interested in training. I was determined to get her over her problems and to do it myself. To find out how I handled my beloved problem horse please see our Training page.

   Cindy A. Codling, trainer

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