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Draft horses

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Aldershire mini Donkeys

Max one lesson

           Circle Pine Training References
      Training became more important because, as many horse people know, horses multiply. I was line driving Dexter, had gotten a cart and started planning to hook him. Once I did driving fever REALLY got me. He is the bay mini horse on my business card. He had spent 6 years being a Teaser on a Throughbred ranch. He has good manners, a good brain and he became my best driving pony.

I could spend waaaayyyyy too much time telling you about each animal that has come here but I will control My self and tell you how I started training for other people.

Some people down the rode had a horse that was not getting much use. These folks had not been in the pen with the horse for close to a year because she had become mean. She bit, kicked , charged and what ever else she could do to get her own way. She chased my daughter and I out of the pen the first day I met her. I told the people that I would try one lesson to see if she would train.

I had been training my horses and refining my method successfully. I started working her the next day and she responded well. I continued the lesson and within 35 min. she was walking on a lead rope.

The people had become frightened of her and did not have time to learn to handle her so they eventually sold her to me. After she had been here 2 days my farrier came to trim my horses. He had seen this horse a year before and wondered why I bought her. I ask him if he would trim her on front since she had not been trimmed in over a year. He said 'Oh, I don't think so." as she was mean and kicked last time he handled her. I ask him to just observe her when I went to catch her and than make his decision. She came right to me and I handled all her feet. He trimmed her on front with no trouble. His comment was "You done this horse a world of good". In the next week I got my first calls from people he had referred to me.

What follows are actual comments on file in writing from my customers in the last two years or so. NEXT Page